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Hebei Institute of Laser (¡°HIL¡±) is the only provincial level institution of Hebei engaged in research of laser technology fundamentals and applications. In many years, the Photoelectric Detection & Control Lab of HIL has been dedicated to research, development and application of photoelectric detection and control technologies and related products. Our products are widely used in the industries like glass and lighting appliances. Our dominant products are technically advanced in the domestic or international market, e.g. laser level controllers, laser calipers, glass tube laser separators, online detecting systems for glass tube wall thickness, computer detecting systems for trumpet tubes, and laser triangle shift measuring systems. Our products have won the technological progress awards granted by China National Council of Light Industry, Hebei Province and Hebei Academy of Sciences, and are widely used by nearly a thousand glass furnaces and production lines in all provinces (or autonomous regions or municipalities under the direct control of Central Government) except Tibet, Hainan and Qinghai. Our products are also exported to the international market, e.g. Vietnam, Indonesia, Azerbaijan, India, Syria and other countries. They are very popular with our customers and enjoy good reputation in the industries like glass and light appliances.

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