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JCJ-II Laser Caliper is an upgraded product of JCJ-I Laser Caliper. This is an intelligent precision instrument which incorporates laser, precision machinery and computer technologies, and realizes online non-contact detection and control of glass tube diameters through high-speed scanning by the laser beam and real-time sampling by the computer. 

This instrument real-time displays the average diameter and deviation of online glass tubes, and exports the on-off control signal to adjust the flow flux of air valve, as well as separates qualified and unqualified tubes, which plays an important role in improving the quality and output of products and reducing the work load of workers. Therefore, it is an ideal detection and control instrument on the glass tube production lines. This equipment may be used for on-line detection and control of diameters on the product lines of conductor and rod, etc.

Furthermore, we have developed fast stepping separators, large-screen displays, and a computer system, which is able to concurrently monitor the diameters of four tube product lines, as options for customers to choose from. The computer system is able to finish such functions as data collection and storage, simulation and monitoring during production control process, indication, record and inquiry of working curve (one month),printing of production report (including the number of all / qualified / unqualified tubes of each shift, the glass tube deviation trend curve, etc), setting and display of parameters, etc.

¡ö The equipment gives digital display of 24 parameters appropriate to the glass tube production requirements. The LCD also displays the Chinese indication of each parameter.
¡ö It gives real-time digital display of the average diameter and average deviation of online glass tubes. The LCD real-time displays the outer diameter deviation curve.
¡ö The instrument conducts online measurement of glass tube diameters at the rate of 400 times per second maximum.
¡ö It is able to separate qualified and unqualified tubes and export the on-off signal for flap on the unqualified tubes.
¡ö It has marking and gradation functions for qualified tubes.
¡ö It gives multiple functional indications such as glass tube position, on-off valve, selection action, marking action, marking, etc.
¡ö It real-time displays unmarked qualified tubes, marked qualified tubes and total number of pipes.
¡ö It has the function to correct system errors.
Technical Data:                           
¡öMeasurement range: 0.30~60.00mm
¡öMeasurement precision: ¡À0.01mm
¡öResolution: 0.01mm
¡öScanning speed: max.400 times/second
¡öSeparation speed of the separating mechanism: 4 times/second max.

This equipment has won the First Prize of Technological Progress awarded by Hebei Academy of Sciences, and the Third Prize of Technological Progress granted by Hebei Province. Proved by many manufacturers through many years of use, the instrument is reliable and durable and conducts accurate measurement and selection. It highly applies to the online measurement and control of glass tube production, and has gained wide recognition by many manufacturers. JCJ-I and JCJ-II are widely used by many manufacturers throughout China.

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